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Comienzo de “Software Construction in Java”

Acaba de comenzar el curso Software Construction in Java en edX. No es un curso para aprender a programar en Java y sirve para refrescar algunos conceptos cuando quieres explicarlos a otras personas. Además, también usa un poco de Python.

Algunos recursos que he encontrado en el curso son:

Free eBooks

From  Sevilla Java User Group (SVQJUG):

Free eBook: Effective Performance Engineering

In order to deliver meaningful results, you need to build Effective Performance Engineering into every aspect of the enterprise, from IT and business management to internal and external customers and all other stakeholders. In this report, you will learn why success depends on adopting a cross-discipline, intra-business mindset that enables you to build a performance-focused culture throughout your organization.

Free eBook: Release Engineering

With this excerpt from O’Reilly’s Site Reliability Engineering, you’ll learn how Google’s approach can inform your own company’s release engineering process—regardless of company size or the tools you use. Google Release Team member Dinah McNutt explains the rationale behind the company’s release engineering philosophy of self-sufficient teams, frequent (often-hourly) releases, and a self-contained build process that depends on known versions of build tools and dependencies.

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